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Ce'ad Mi'le Fa'ilte!

"One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!"


Paradise Cove in Port St. James






 Beaver Island

The Emerald Isles

. Once we arrived and toured the island, we found out it was inhabited by the Irish fleeing the Landlords of County Donegal Ireland, in the early 1900's.  We made our first trip to Beaver Island in 2005 with Dave and Shelly Niece, onboard their beautiful boat. It was the end of July, when we first arrived on the island. Tim and I hadn't heard of Beaver Island, but were soon enchanted by its fishing town appearance, "America's Emerald Isles". The water is a turquoise green and so clear you and see 30 ft down.  Tim and I fell in love with this place. It is only accessible by a 2hr Ferry ride from Charlevoix or a brief airplane ride from the mainland. We want the ferry ride to act as a divider from your hectic life on the mainland to a mystical getaway, a safe haven from life's heavy burdens. We want to keep this a part of the traditional commute to the island.  We return to the island annually to discover new things, places, people and history. We've searched for the perfect piece of land, our 10acres of paradise. We may retire on the island and plan for the perfect retreat for future family members and friends. Something to hand down to our children and their children in the future.

On our second trip to Beaver Island we brought the kids and our new found friends, Adrian and Ramona Roman. We stayed in the Eicher's Chalet on Sand Bay. We timed it so the kids could attend the Beaver Island Music festival. Which turned out to be an annual tradition, along with our weeks stay on the island. Our third trip to the island was a 2 week getaway for me. My mom and I arrived a week early and stayed in a little red cabin on Sand bay. My best friend Tina, Brennen and Janet joined us later for a 4 day stay. Tim, the kids, and Adrian and Ramona arrived the following Friday; and my Father and sister joined us on saturday.
We moved to Lowes Lodge on Lake Geneserath for the second week. There were eleven of us and the Lodge was the perfect size for our group. It was unique, that we were staying on an inland lake, on an island in one of the great lakes. What a beautiful and peaceful location. Secluded and private, located on the opposite end of the island from town. No televisions or radios, just quality family time. The guys went fishing, we played games and relaxed on the beach. We all attended the music festival on Saturday and had a wonderful time.

Tina, Brennen and I.

My mother and I, dancing at the music fest.